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By Top10BestDatingSites Staff

Matchaffinity Overview:

Matchaffinity is one of the UK's most popular dating sites. It boasts one of the most detailed personality tests available and its compatibility criteria is based on very detailed analysis of personal preferences and taste.

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Matchaffinity Sign Up:

Once you have entered your basic info, you will become a member of Match Affinity. However, you won’t be able to view or contact matches or other members until you have completed the in-depth personality questionnaire. The sign up process is very detailed and easy to follow. Personal details are entered, followed by tastes in a partner. These preferences can be as vague or specific as possible; partner's height, preferred religion and level of education can be specified.

The aforementioned affinity questionnaire is multiple choice and most questions are on a scale between "Strongly Agree" and "Strongly Disagree". There are many pages to complete, but there is a progress bar and all work can be saved and returned to later. After the sign-up, an in-depth personality report is generated. This is confidential and very analytical. You will be asked to rate sentences on ‘important’ to ‘not important’ such as “I want small romantic gestures daily” or questions about sex drive and mood. There are also image questions with simple click box answers to provide.

Matchaffinity Ease of Use:

We found their profile design to be much better than most dating sites. They have more of a social network feel rather than a dating profile. The affinity score is a quick and easy way to see compatibility with other members. It is also a very busy site and has many active members. It is easy to customize the experience and matches that aren't interesting can easily be removed from search results.

Matchaffinity Features:

Matchaffinity has all the features that are expected from a premium dating site. All members have a profile page where they can write about themselves and express their likes and interests. Members can look at each other’s profiles and message each other freely and securely. Include a personal ad as a fun and flirty introduction to show other users what you’re all about.

Matchaffinity's most unique feature is its in-depth Affinity questionnaire. It is more than 20 pages long and the questions are based on relationships, personality, lifestyle and values. The results of the questionnaire form the criteria of who the service matches members with. Potential matches are assigned an affinity score; the higher the score, the more compatible the match is. Think about your answers to the questionnaire carefully, as the more honest you can be, the better the chance of finding a good match.

During your questionnaire, you can choose how important your partner’s religion is to you, making it easy to find likeminded Christian singles while using the website.

Matchaffinity Prices:

Like with most dating websites, the pricing structure will get cheaper the longer you sign up for. Your cheapest option is to commit to a 12 month subscription, which works out as only £11.95 per month. Unusually, this can be taken in 3 instalments of £47.80, rather than the usual one off payment. If you prefer, you can sign up for 6 months for £16.95 per month, or 3 months at £24.95 per month. Your most expensive option is a 1 month subscription for £44.95, which is a steep cost for only 30 days of functionality!

Matchaffinity Safety:

Only members registered on Matchaffinity can view profiles. There is an option to keep photos private, even to subscribers, and only show photos to members that have been chosen. It’s easy to block other members and offensive messages can be flagged to customer support.

Matchaffinity Bottom Line:

Matchaffinity is a very professional dating site that is easy to use. The in-depth analytical reports are good for people who find that they can't express themselves well. People who have been disappointed by matching and compatibility results on other dating sites will probably prefer the in-depth criteria of Matchaffinity.

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