Parship Christian Review

Parship Overview:

From the outset, Parship removes the likelihood of attracting the less serious dater, with its in-depth personality quiz, which they suggest you spend twenty minutes answering, and think carefully about your responses for. This creates an immediate understanding that the website is not for casual dating, rather something long term. Intuitive matchmaking along with a great search tool and a fully functional mobile app make Parship a great choice for Christian dating.

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Parship Sign Up:

It takes minutes to initially create an account with Parship, needing only your basic information such as your age and email address. Once you have done this, you will be taken directly to the personality test which Parship is so famous for. The advice below will help you in answering the questionnaire, and hopefully help you take it seriously, as this is the way you will make the most of your time on Parship.

Parship Ease of Use:

The site is extremely easy to navigate, with a functional style without the bells and whistles you may be used to finding on an online dating website. Create a search list, and you will be shown a table of profiles which show your compatibility rating and a line or two about the user. You can file favourites away for later, as well as viewing all the other functionality from the top toolbar.

Parship Features:

The key feature of Parship is the Parship Personality Test. Devised by Dr. Nafsika, it uses scientifically based psychological testing to vet users. However, what Parship does with the results is even more interesting. By clicking on a person that catches your eye, you open up their folder, which contains the following tabs: Fact File; About Him/Her; Leisure & Sports; Compatibility. All of these can be used to see if you have enough in common, outside of your more obvious need for a shared faith.

The last file, Compatibility, is the most telling. Listed here are the implications of the good doctor's test. The results are split into three categories:


  1. Personality Structure, which compares your behaviours based on instinct, feeling, self-control and inner energy.
  2. Aspirations and Tendencies, which comparatively looks at your desire for intimacy, tendencies to withdraw and willingness to adapt.
  3. Formative Influences on Ever Day Life, which measures desires for domesticity, conventionality, passivity and activity.



Knowing all this information about yourself is an eye-opener. Knowing all this information prior to talking to a potential partner could be life changing.

The basic search feature allows you to look up all general information, including physical appearance and searching by location or age. The more interesting parts of user profiles are where they answer specific questions such as 'What's on your mind right now?' 'Five words to describe your appearance, “Three things that are important to you,” etc. These questions give quirky insights into your fellow searchers.

Parship also offers an advanced search. Here you will find out more about what makes each user tick, with in-depth questions and answers about emotional intelligence, reactions to high pressure situations, more specific character traits and their spiritual guides in life.

Knowing these underlining but fundamental emotional indicators serves to introduce prospective partners who really have a chance of creating a happy, rewarding and long-lasting relationship.

Parship Safety:

Parship takes safety extremely seriously. As well as promising your data is confidential from third parties, they keep all users unidentifiable with the unique addition of ID codes rather than any personal information. Even your first name or username is private until you decide to disclose it. Parship encourages safe dating practices, and assures all members that if they have any misgivings about any user at any time, they should not hesitate to report it to the friendly and helpful staff.

Parship Prices:

We found the pricing structure at Parship really transparent and easy to understand. Simply sign up for either 3 months, (£29.90/month), 6 months, (£19.90/month) or 12 months, (£14.90/month) to receive full functionality on the website. Be aware that the 3 month package does not offer a contact guarantee, and whatever subscription you opt for, it will be taken in one instalment of the full amount for the entire term.

Parship Bottom Line:

From the outset, Parship is looking to create monogamous and long-term relationships, making them a great choice for Christian singles looking for commitment. Add into the mix competitive pricing, a great mobile app, as well as powerful matchmaking, and you’ve got yourself a winner! Try them today and never look back.

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