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Most dating sites ask you to register, browse through profiles, and then guess which prospective matches might be compatible with your taste and lifestyle. More often than not, this method needs a user to go through several profiles before finding ‘the one.’ What if a website could help you find out which of the women online are most compatible with your criteria, allowing you to choose from the shortlist? That’s what does for lesbians in the UK.



The match affinity format aims to find the right women for you from among the many profiles available. Several factors are taken into account to check compatibility and the possibility of the relationship being a long-lasting one. This is determined by a questionnaire that asks you questions about your lifestyle, beliefs, expectations, personality and outlook. Then, your profile is matched with that of other similar-minded women, and a compatibility report is provided.

Signing Up

When you sign up, you will be prompted to answer the questionnaire that will help you determine which user will be compatible. Expectations from the potential date, ranging from height to personality type, from preferred food type to sex drive need to be marked on the questionnaire. The questions asked do not just skim the surface; they delve deep into your values, your psyche and attitude to determine what kind of partner will be best for you. The signing up process takes a good twenty minutes (or more, if you need to ruminate over the questions), but this is worth it because the greater the detail, the greater the chances of finding that perfectly compatible person. The website provides the option to work on the questionnaire in parts, saving the answers to questions you fill in each session. Finishing the questionnaire leads you to the list of those users whose tastes and beliefs match the best with yours. Each profile is accompanied by an affinity score, which can help one rank the users and that one may want to get to know.


With a free account, you can complete your questionnaire and look through the list of several matches on the website. Paying a subscription fee will allow you many other features, including unlimited message sending, viewing photos of other members, and relationship advice.

optionstotal costcost per monthsavings
1-Month Membership£89.97£29.99-
3-Month Membership£114£19.0037% (£65.94)
6-Month Membership£168£14.0053% (£191.88)


The safety provided by the site is quite high. You can choose to limit whether all users can see the photographs you upload. Any breach of security is rectified instantly by the administrators, who also keep out an eye for inappropriate behaviour and suspicious profiles. No spamming is allowed. The site also offers safety tips for those who are considering taking their dates offline.

The Bottom Line

The obvious advantage of signing up with Match Affinity is that they have a comprehensive compatibility test, which ensures that you will not have to go through many hundreds of profiles to shortlist the ten or fifteen you may like. The process is quite accurate, and the decision on who to connect with is ultimately left with the user. The user interface is quite simple, but some improvements can be made with respect to the questionnaire – some of the questions have just yes/ no answer options and it may be possible that not all users fall into those categories. For those who want quick options, Match Affinity is the way to go.



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