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The beauty of Dating Direct UK lies in its simplicity. No flashy gimmicks, no overbearing icons, no complicated personality tests. This site does what it says on the tin - gets you dating by bringing you direct to hundreds, no thousands of potential partners. Dating Direct UK is for the online love searcher who likes to get straight in there, likes to see exactly what they are dealing with and no messing about. Everything about this site, the set up, the communications tools and its database of candidates, is practical and unpretentious. For the first-time online love searcher, Dating Direct UK's unassuming and honest approach makes it a great place to start the search.

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In keeping with Dating Direct straightforward approach, the features are kept to the basics and everything is photo-led. Once you login to the site, you are greeted with a collection of photos. This is like opening your own photo album and being greeted by a whole bunch of people you snapped photos of at a party and have now decided you want to meet. With simple arrow tools alongside the spread of photos, you can quickly scroll through dozens of faces and simply click on the ones that you like. Clicking on a photo will bring you to that candidate's profile box. Yet again, Dating Direct sticks to the basic info: age, height, marital status, job, children and a little quote to give an indication of personality. Another great feature is the 'Today Matches' prompt at the top of the screen. This is a rolling menu of suggested matches for the date. Beside each match is two boxes: a green tick and next. If you like what you see, give that person a green tick. If you don't, hit next!


It's Dating Direct UK's honest approach which makes it feel like a safe site. The presence of so many photos assures you that the candidates on this site are genuine. Beyond that, only those who have subscribed to the site can exchange messages, therefore only sincere love searchers can communicate. All data inputted into the site is totally confidential and is checked and approved by the Dating Direct Online Team. They are on hand to deal with complaints and issues when and if they arise. If you are the shy type and like to be able to search discreetly, simply click the 'unavailable' icon at the top of the screen and no one can see if you are online. If you wish to prevent certain searchers from contacting you, it's possible to 'blacklist' from your contacts.


OPTIONS TOTAL COST Cost per Month Savings
1-Month Membership 29.99 GBP 29.99 GBP -
3-Month Membership 59.97 GBP 19.99 GBP 33.3% (30 GBP)
6-Month Membership 77.94 GBP 12.99 GBP 57% (102 GBP)

Ease of Use:

Think of Dating Direct UK as your online dating notice-board (just like the one in your kitchen except way more colourful, more fun and interactive), tacked with lots of post-it notes reminding you to get dating. IM Mike. Email Liz. Wink Paul. Chat to Emma. Dating Direct Online makes all these tasks easy and fun to do. Its brightly coloured layout and static menu bars make navigating the site and more importantly, finding potential partners a piece of cake. So make yourself a cup of tea, cut yourself a slice of gateaux, sit back and get searching.

Dating Direct UK also give you a choice of presentation windows. You can opt for the Details View, which shows photo, username, age, location and a short description written by them. You can go for the Mini Profile View, which is all of the above minus the description or you can stick to visuals by going with the Gallery View.

The Search:

In line with Dating Direct UK's emphasis on keeping things simple, the site offers a few easy search options. As mentioned, it is possible to select potential dates from the photo album that pops up on the home page. If you want a more directed search, go to 'quick search' which searches by age and location. If you have something more specific in mind, go to 'create favourites' where you can enter your exact criteria and save the lists. However, if you wish to be even more specific, no problem. Dating Direct UK offers an Advanced Search too. This profiles candidates according to marital status, if they have kids, if they want kids, their job, their income and so forth. The Advanced Search also asks about appearance, character, tastes, habits and activities to give a full rounded profile of your potential date.

Dating Direct UK has thousands of people on its database and just like you, everyone of them is looking for a date. Some of them want to date you! So what are you waiting for? Get searching.

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