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Online dating guideBy Top10BestDatingSites Staff

If you've never tried online dating, you may be wondering what types of people you can meet online. Most people have three main factors they consider important when meeting others online.

Marital Status

While most dating sites target single adults, there can be a big difference in attitudes, expectations, and experience. Singles who have never been married may be reluctant to commit to a serious relationship. A lot depends on the person's age and attitude.

The newly divorced may harbor resentment against the opposite sex, or may be reluctant to repeat past mistakes. They may want to break out of relationship constraints and party.

The newly widowed can be an excellent match. They know what to expect in a serious relationship, and have chosen to end their loneliness by seeking new friends online. Unless, of course, they were "pushed" into online dating by well-meaning friends or family before they were ready. In those cases, they may still be grieving, and may be placing their lost loved one on a pedestal no one can compete with.

Some separated people sign up for online dating to get a head start on their newfound freedom. They probably aren't ready for anything serious, and may suddenly decide to reconcile with their spouse.

Finally, there are always some members who aren't single at all. They may be unhappily married, looking for greener pastures. Or they may be looking for a fling on the side.

Lifestyle and Personality Type

One early stereotype of online daters suggested that they were computer geeks and social outcasts. However, that stereotype in mostly inaccurate. Most online daters are busy professionals who want to expand their social circle.

One common reason for online dating is a busy schedule. Many workaholics don't have the time or patience to meet people at the bar scene or wait for friends to introduce other friends.

Another common personality type is the adventurer. The adventurer is willing to experiment and try new things.

Single parents find online dating convenient. They can "shop" the profiles without having to hire a babysitter and leave home for hours at a time.

Finally, people with special interests can meet up with others who share that interest at a special interest dating site like


Online dating members include all age groups from young adults in their twenties to seniors in their seventies.

Is online dating right for you? The best way to find out is to give it a try!


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