The Key to Crafting an Online Dating Username

Picking the right usernameBy Carmelia Ray

I'm Carmelia Ray, your online dating expert, with You should know that once you've grabbed someone's attention online with your awesome online dating profile photo, you'll need a username that will stop your ideal person in their profile browsing tracks.

Now the trick to creating an effective username will be all about attracting your type with a carefully selected pairing of words that will describe you and what you stand for. Now the best types of usernames are those that plan words in a clever and often humorous way.

So here's a simple three step process to get it done.

Step one:

Create a long list of positive adjectives that best describes you. If this is hard for you, ask around. How would your friends and family describe you?

Step two:

Create a list of nouns or actions which hint to your lifestyle and personality. Now it could be foods and places that you love, activities you do or sports that you play. Are you a traveler? A chef? A sports fanatic? Write it all down!

Step three:

Play around with some two or three word combinations until you find something that actually really works for you. So let's try it, vivacious vegan, engineering adventurer, tough mudder junkie, open minded foodie.

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About Carmelia Ray

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