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Fabulous online dating messagesBy Carmelia Ray

I'm Carmelia Ray, your online dating expert at

So how many online dating messages does it take to get a response? Statistics vary from site to site, but if you ask the average guy he might think it could take 50 messages to get a reply, if he's lucky.

Now the truth is it really only takes one amazing online dating message. The right person will respond to your message, if they're able to get a good sense about who you are through your profile. The key point to remember is to write a message worthy of responding to.

So here's four great first message tips to get results. One, be sure you mention something specific which you immediately noticed on their profile that you found interesting. Two, create an experience in their mind about why it would be great to have you in their life. Three, invite them to participate in a conversation with you by asking an open-ended question about something that matters to them. Four, keep your tone interested, inquisitive, and upbeat. Avoid any conversation topics which could be found controversial or offensive.

I'm Carmelia Ray, your online dating expert, at


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Carmelia Ray is an author, matchmaker and online dating expert. Ray has appeared in media and publications including The Huffington Post, ELLE, YourTango, and MTV and is the author of Finding the One. She has helped over 7,000 singles start their dating journey. Follow Carmelia on Google+.



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