What Women Want: 3 Qualities Men Should Emulate in Their Profiles

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Perhaps you have dated socialites, gym trainers, actresses, and are tired of trying to be the "cool guy." Being the cool guy can be an exhausting role to play every day, especially when you are dating women who may be more concerned about physical appearance than what is on the inside. Now you are ready to settle down and find a sweet, good-hearted Midwestern girl to marry. To attract all the right women to your online profile, you should seek to emulate these qualities in your profile.

1. Respect for Women

Women who want to marry high-quality men want to know that they respect women. If you are from the East Coast, then you are going to have to work extra hard to prove that you have values to a woman from the Midwest. In your profile page, do not be afraid to talk about the good relationship you have with your mother or sister. Maybe you can talk about your mother's role in influencing you to attend medical school or start your own business. Women who have a good head on their shoulders only date men who have respect for the women in their lives.

2. Kindness

The whole macho act can only go so far. While you may attract that 20-something sorority girl at the gym, you will not attract the female attorney who helps pro bono clients. What does attract women with intelligence is a man who can unabashedly show kindness to others. A man who is a class act will be able to attract the attention of a woman who has plenty to offer in the realms of intelligence and beauty. Show that you are a kind man by volunteering for a local charity or talking about a volunteer experience in your profile.

3. Stability

These days, most women can financially support themselves. However, they still want to know that a man will be able to provide emotional support when necessary. This does not mean that a man has to play therapist, but it does mean that a man has to understand women have their moments. Women need to know they will be supported in a relationship. A man can convey his ability to support a woman by talking about his dedication to a particular cause or his local church.

These are three qualities that a man should seek to convey in his profile on an online dating website. With these three qualities, he'll be bombarded with interest from women with substance.


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