UK's Best Lesbian Dating Sites in 2018

Lesbian dating sites connect you with compatible, like-minded women. Try one of the best sites and meet the woman you’ve been waiting for.

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Behavioural Matchmaking connects compatible singles
Matches and search filters based on personal preferences
Personalised matches for long-term relationships

Guidelines to Help You Choose the Right Dating Site

1 - Take into Consideration the Type of Relationship You Are Seeking

There are many choices when it comes to lesbian dating sites. In order to choose the site best fit for you, it is important to know what you are looking for. Some sites are best suited for women seeking casual romance, while others are built with the goal of connecting women for long-term relationships.

Keeping it casual

If you’re looking to meet new people and not necessarily ready for something serious, Zoosk offers a search by location feature. This feature helps you meet single women within a specified radius of your current location, and can be a great way to meet new women. When you’re ready to commit, Zoosk’s Behavioural Matchmaking learns users’ preferences in order to make compatible matches.

Wanna get hitched

For single women looking to meet their match and enter into a serious relationship, try eharmony . When you sign up for eharmony you’ll need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire. While answering all of the questions can be exhausting, the results speak for themselves—with its patented Compatibility Matching System, eharmony matches members for long-term relationships.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re sure that the right dating site is out there.

2 - Go for a Site with the Features That Matter Most to You

With so many dating sites to choose from, it’s up to you to make the decision based on the features you enjoy using while online dating. Don’t limit yourself to just one site —there’s no harm in signing up for more than one dating site until you meet the woman you’re after.

The match versus the search

Lesbian dating sites connect singles in different ways. There are sites offering only handpicked or algorithm driven matches while other sites invite users to try out search filters as well. Using a site offering matchmaking services helps to narrow down the possibilities to women you have real compatibility with. On the other hand, search tools allows singles to explore all of the options out there because after all, opposites do attract.

Consider whether you prefer being introduced or finding someone all on your own. Use these preferences to guide your decision when choosing the best dating site for you.

Not sure if you prefer to search freely or be matched? Sites like offer both options. Opt for the Daily6 to receive suggested matches or use’s extensive search filters to explore women’s profiles according to personal preference.

Stay safe

Most lesbians who have tried online dating can warn you about two types of uncomfortable situations. The first is the notorious, “looking for a third.” While trying online dating you may be approached by a couple hoping to interest you in their romance. Some straight couples just don’t get it. Don’t get discouraged, most sites will let you block unwanted users so you can focus on finding real matches. The second type is the “finding myself girl.” This young woman is using online dating to experiment and try to find out more about herself. This can be frustrating for those looking for a serious relationship—so do your best to look away and continue searching.

3 - Listen to the Voice of the People

When choosing a dating site, listen to real users and acknowledge the good and the bad aspects of every site.


”I can honestly say that I was very lucky. A beautiful lady found me on this site and we are having a blast getting to know each other and becoming really good friends. She is truly amazing.” - Christina, January 23, 2017

”Unfortunately, you really do have to sort through a lot of people. But there are a few gems. It takes perseverance but it may be worth it...nothing ventured, nothing gained. I met a genuine, intelligent good looking woman.” - Elizabeth, June 28, 2017

”I am picky, friends talked me into it and it was the best thing I ever did! I met an amazing woman. We have been together 3 years and I couldn't imagine my life without her. There's certainly a lot of good/bad to everything but I would recommend this to everyone.” - Stacey, May 22, 2017

”The site is pretty good. Though I prefer to pay more and to get premium services because the basic plan doesn’t seem to offer enough.” - Pam, February 9th, 2017


”I was so skeptical to start using a dating site but I met a great woman who I fell in love with. Thank you eharmony!” Melissa, March 25, 2017

”eharmony is an above average site. I had issues being matched to women I wasn’t interested in but I have since met my long-term girlfriend and have eharmony to thank for bringing us together.” Jessica, January 21, 2017

4 - Find a Membership That You Can Afford

While there are plenty of free dating sites out there, more lesbian singles are turning to membership based sites every day. Paid dating sites offer higher quality services and are worth the investment.

Zoosk UK Prices:

DurationPrice per Month
6 Months£11.99
3 Months£15.98
1 Month£22.74 UK Prices:

DurationPrice per Month
6 Months£9.99
3 Months£19.99
1 Month£29.99

eharmony UK Prices:

DurationPrice per Month
6 Months£27.95
3 Months£35.95
1 Month£44.95

If you’re interested in online dating but want more information on the best dating sites for lesbian singles, peruse our expert reviews.

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