Get Inspired by These 3 Couples Who Found Real Love Online

Written by: Annie Lubin

Online dating is definitely here to stay. It has surged in popularity among all demographics and has opened up opportunities not only for those who have a hard time meeting people but also for those who have lots of singles in their area but aren't necessarily meeting the right people.

Below are three success stories - from Elite Singles - to inspire love and romance and maybe even convince you to head online to see who’s out there.

Barry & Diane - “I took one look at Dianne's profile and fell in love with her.... The rest is history.”

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Barry, 72 lived in Bristol all his life and was happily married for thirty years, with two children and five grandchildren. When his wife of thirty years passed away, he couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else and ruled out the idea of ever finding love again.

Barry was initially content to spend time with his family and focus on hobbies, but soon felt that nagging feeling of loneliness. As a retired consultant with a lot of newfound free time, he increasingly thought about how much more he’d enjoy his days if he had someone by his side to share special moments with.

That’s when a friend turned him on to online dating. Barry was skeptical at first, thinking that at his age it would require too much time and effort to start dating again. But Barry pushed these concerns to the back of his mind and signed up for Elite Singles.

He started messaging a few women but nothing came of it - no concrete plans, no dates. Then Barry saw Diane’s profile on Elite’s list of 20 "Have You Met" women.

Diane, 70, was also retired, also had children and grandchildren and was also looking to spend time with someone who shared her hobbies and interests. Their mutual love of family and the outdoors is what brought them together initially, but it was the immediate sense of ease they both felt when they first met - as if they'd known each other for years - that led them both to believe that something special was happening.

Richard & Yvonne - “My soulmate and life partner.”

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Yvonne, 39, from Brighton, grew up in a very close family, where dinners were big affairs, with food overflowing from the table, wine glasses always full, and so much laughter and chatter that people often had to raise their voices to be heard over all the action.

That was the kind of family life Yvonne pictured for herself, but her busy life as a news editor meant she spent more time at the office than in her own home. She put love out of her mind for a while and didn’t think anything of it until the day her mother had a stroke.

Seeing her mother in the hospital bed, with all of her children and grandchildren surrounding her, made Yvonne realize that while she had found so much success in her career, she still craved the kind of family life she grew up with. She signed up for Elite Singles and after going on a few dates that seemed promising at first but never fulfilled on her ideals of a relationship, she met Richard.

Richard, 48, loved cooking and came from a large family, similar to Yvonne’s. Her vision of a house filled with laughter and children is what Richard wanted too. After two years of dating Yvonne and Richard walked down the aisle and said “I do,” a slight baby bump visible from under Yvonne’s white satin dress.

Matthew & Emily - “I’m planning on proposing very soon.”

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Emily, 32, grew up in London, and from a young age was drawn to the city’s vibrant arts scene, filling her time with trips to museums, dancing at live shows and checking out the newest film releases.

Emily was in a four year relationship with a man she thought she was going to marry, but then suddenly it all fell apart. She realized, for various reasons, that he wasn’t the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They went through a grueling breakup that left Emily disillusioned and discouraged. She spent so many years with this person and was left only with heartbreak.

So Emily took a year off of work to travel and reconnect with the things that excited her. When she got back home, she was ready to date, but didn’t want to waste her time with someone who wasn’t serious and wasn’t looking for a deep, committed relationship.

She joined Elite Singles and about two months later met Matt, a sales rep from London, who enjoyed movies and music as much as she did, and who had also recently gotten out of a long relationship. They connected over their love of the Kinks, travel and the vulnerability of dating after a big breakup. One year later, they’re still going strong and consider themselves extremely lucky to have found each other.

We hope these love stories inspired you to put yourself out there, get online, and start dating! You never know who you’ll meet.

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